Demo 16'

by Surplus

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released March 22, 2016

Shoutout to Phillip Odom for recording, mixing and mastering this for us.

Artwork: Carlos Cardenas (Half Jaw)

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Texas Hardcore.



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Surplus San Antonio, Texas

Ozzy - Vocals
Jordan - Guitar
Sam- Guitar
James - Bass
Aaron - Drums

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Surplus (The Passion)
There's no help in this place, you have to go your own pace.
Put on your- your mean face, fight for riches reach the taste.
Taste so good, I keep my faith, The roads so rough.
I could fall, gotta finish, end the race.

I'll keep on fighting to be myself, your negativity won't be no help.
Do me favor and just give up.
I can do this with or without you!

Feel the passion in your heart, let it out, don't let it fall apart (x2)

Track Name: Holding Hands
There's so much hate in this world, everyone blames it on different causes.
They're all so blind that they don't know, that they're feeling their own false's.
People can't open their mind to the feeling of acceptance, if they're brains can't do that, they'll be surrounded by wire fences.
I can't believe that we live in this world, that we have to fight for pieces of each others self righteousness.
Thats what keeps us from forgiveness.
We all walk on the same ground, why can't we find some peace? All of us just have to look down. To see the same filth on our feet.

We all need to reach out for each other's hands. To get us out of this dwelt. We all need our help.
Track Name: Freedom Above The Law
We will not fall at the cost of your problems. Killing and beating those you set to protect. Killing children, have you lost your mind? When will this end? Will you ever walk the line?
I can't stand this anymore. you fuckin pigs are not above the law. Get your shit together, just do your job. Promote the peace, no need to start a war. Stop the violence, it doesn't do you good. Just do your job like you know you should. We will rise for the ones who can't, for the lives your ruined and the ones you fucking recked. We'll stand up and rise and stand our ground. Keep bullying us, we'll turn it around. No more torture. No more hate. Refusing will only bring you pain. You can't take our lives.
Track Name: Break Free
Live in the future. Be what you want. Create yourself, do what your were taught. Find yourself a stronger image, facing your life's greatest scrimmage.
I was losing my grip to my path. Didn't know where to go, I need grasp. Pulling on the threads is my last choice. My life's inna cast.